Italian Artist/DJ music producer.

Ciro Parcheri Under the spotlights, with the dark and daring night surrounding him, is where Glasgow based DJ and producer Ciro Parcheri does what he does best. He entertains, enraptures and shares what he loves most: music. With his roots in Salerno, Italy, he’s spent the last 15 years building a name and dedicating himself to the enslaving rhythm of electronic dance music. After stepping out of the game for a few years, it’s now time for Ciro to take back what’s his and claim nothing less than main stage position. In Italy is where he caught the groove early on. Producing anything within the electronic spectrum, he became a fully-fledged producer in no time. And it didn’t take long until the record labels started to notice. Flying Records and U.M.M. Records got Ciro his first signings, and he released his tunes and collaboration under the (Club Bizarre ity, Tangerine’s Dream, Prejudice ,MONEY SYSTEM and Total noize monikers. Bookings all across Italy were the perfect opportunity for Ciro to learn the ropes of the DJ business. After 5 years of countless club nights, beach parties and festivals, he saw the chance to go international by moving to the UK and starting a collaboration with Aquarius Records in London. His ‘Bitch’ E.P. and the ‘EURO TAC’ E.P. was such a grand success, that Ciro made the next move by kicking off his own Crack Records label. A right move, as it brought him remixes for tracks by Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Sid Le Rock, Beatport Selection and a collaboration with MR. Gary B. Lovestone. The Ciro Parcheri sound, high in demand, is characterized by its incredible diversity. Bending the genres is Ciro’s specialty, but his ways with progressive house beats, electro Flavor and Trance twists ever know how to surprise the listener.
Shortly after the melodic and smooth progressive-release of ‘Quantum’ (Media Records) and the Trance-flavoured ‘XPANDER’ (Neural records-Black hole records), another Parcheri original is coming up. With the given knowledge that this guy’s sound is impossible to put in one particular box, you’ll be rocking to the stir of Trance, progressive and EDM as you press play on his latest work of ‘ARCADIA’. (BOOT records & DANCERA records Italy). Once you’ve come to know the Parcheri sound and have witnessed his impeccable energy while playing out, there’s no turning back. With many more studio material . Grand bookings on its way, it’s only a matter of time until you’re hooked. Hooked on Ciro.
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